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How can Power Publishing help us reach our fundraising goals?

Do you want to focus on a single gift to provide in exchange for donations, or do you want to put together a unique gift package? Do you need help fulfilling donation-based orders? 

The Famous Subject Bible Study Package by Power Publishing

Do you have a need for call-center support for over-the phone orders? Would a television program help increase your potential donations? Would you like a place to house your gift inventory? 

There are a variety of ways we help you beyond simply shipping you gifts to provide in exchange for donations, and we want to help make your fundraiser as successful as possible--after all, it's a win-win-win (your ministry wins by raising new funds, the donor wins by enhancing their study of the Bible, and we win by accomplishing our mission to spread the Gospel through our products).  

From a simple single-gift-based campaign to a concerted multi-gift campaign intended to regularly incentivize consistent and ongoing donations, we will work with you to design a fundraising program that meets your ministry's needs and provides you a clear path to reach your fundraising goals. During your program, we can be as hands-on or hands-off as you'd like. You'll get the items you want to use at a significant discount, and you can distribute them for donations via your choice of methods. If you have a media platform or can get media time donated to your cause, we can provide television programming to help you generate more donations. We can also fulfill donation-based orders or calls 24/7 for you through the infrastructure we already have in place.

Once you get started with your fundraising program, we will help you with each step of the process of setting up and getting your fundraiser off the ground. We will also continue to support you as your ministry's fundraising program operates.

What are the benefits to fundraising with Power Publishing?

The mission of Power Publishing is simple: We want to provide ministries with tools that can help them spread the Gospel and impact lives for Christ. We've helped large TV networks, pastoral ministries, churches, and more in successfully building funding to accomplish this mission, and we want to help you, too!

Tim LaHaye's Prophecy Bible Study Package by Power Publishing

The tools we provide are carefully chosen to achieve our mission in two ways, like a double-edged sword. All of our fundraising products are intended to build and enhance positive personal Bible study habits and encourage people to pursue a greater understanding and knowledge of their "spiritual sword." In addition, these products also can be used to raise money for causes like advancing the Gospel and impacting lives for Christ--thus doubling our efforts to create meaningful changes for Christ in the lives of individuals and ministries.

Lastly, these faith-based fundraising products are popular and valuable items. They aren't promo products, trinkets, or lackluster souvenirs. Each item is a unique, high-quality product that adds meaningful value to a person's spiritual walk. They are items that can be treasured as gifts, used on a consistent basis, and kept around for a very long time. 

Why fundraise with Power Publishing? We offer popular and unique faith-based, quality tools that create lasting positive impact on people's lives and provide financial support for your ministry!

What options does our ministry have for fundraising?

There are a variety of options available to your ministry for building your fundraising program, including the structure of the fundraising, the execution and fulfillment, the length of time and ultimately the amount of funds raised. Everything starts with a gift in exchange for the donation, though, and here are a few of the options we provide for this gift:

The 316 Mining Subject Bible Study Package by Power Publishing

  • New Official Ministry Bibles: Your ministry could have a brand-new completely unique Bible created to use as your ministry's official Bible! This level of customization is available as a special-order option and we can put together a completely unique Bible for your ministry "from scratch." This includes your choice of color combinations for the cover, stamping, foiling, and a custom-designed four-page color insert (two front-and-back pages). This option is available for use with a couple of our copyrighted Bibles as the source material for the interior pages.
  • Logo/Insert Bibles: If you want customization but don't have a need for the one-of-a-kind, official ministry Bible described above, we can still add your logo and an insert into an existing Bible. This allows for a "ministry" look without the extensive customization of the "built-from-scratch" option. This is option is also available for use with a wide array of Bibles as the source material for the interior pages.
  • Additional Gifts: Does your ministry want to focus on a smaller gift seasonally in addition to a ministry Bible so you can have a consistent fundraising base with focused period to incentivize more donations? We have a variety of Bibles, study packages, and other materials to aid in Bible study to offer--and we can always find a new and unique product for your needs, too. These additional items could be Bibles, Bible software, books, journals, commemorative gifts, or just about anything you can imagine. We will send you a full list of our current product options (starting at just $5.94) when you contact us about your fundraiser!

We can provide suggestions to you for structuring your fundraising program based on your goals and donor audience. You can promote your fundraising program as an event for a set period of time, continue to run the operation in an ongoing fashion (and we can continue to supply you with materials), or a hybrid of both of those options. It is truly up to you, and we will provide support to you no matter the structure. Click here to contact us about your fundraising needs.

How effective will our fundraiser be with Power Publishing's products?

The Rainbow Bible Study Package by Power PublishingEach fundraising program's success depends on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to): 

  • The length of time the fundraiser lasts (is it a short, finite period or is it ongoing?)
  • The people you are approaching for donations (do they have an interest in your cause and are they able to give?)
  • The size of your potential-donation audience (is it a specific congregation or do you have a platform you can promote it through?)

There are many other factors that play into the success of a fundraiser as well, and you can achieve success for your ministry if those involved are truly driven to find it. We have seen ministries use our products to raise millions of dollars for their cause, and while your goal may not be that high, the point is that the success of your fundraiser is determined by your ministry. We can provide a great incentive for your donations!

How do we get started?

Send us an inquiry on our contact form, and we will help you figure out how you'd like to put together your fundraising program! Click here to contact us.