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 The Rainbow Bible Study Package (NIV)
The Rainbow Bible Study Package (NIV)
Rainbow Study Bible Package (NIV) Rainbow Study Bible (NIV) Basic Bible Library Software and The Greatest Cause - DVD Combo Pack A Rainbow of Hope - Deluxe Boxed Book Rainbow Study Bible (NIV) - Map


The Rainbow Bible Study Package is simple enough for young Bible readers to understand, yet comprehensive enough for even the most experienced Bible students. Clergy, Sunday school teachers and readers of all ages find value in The Rainbow Study Bible's unique color-coded system and its many, helpful reference materials. This incredible bible study package is NOT sold in Retail Stores, so get it at Power Publishing, the official seller of The Famous Subject Bible Study Package and The Rainbow Bible Study Package.

What's so unique about the Rainbow Bible?
(Watch the Video and Read below to find out!)

How It Works:
Click "Look Inside" above to view the Rainbow Study Bible page samples:
1 - The first example is John 3:16. As you read, notice the two color categories of the verse are green and blue. Scroll down the page to the Rainbow Study Bible color coded bookmark. There you will see how the verse colors correspond to the Green/Love and Blue/Salvation categories.
2 - The second example is from Matthew 14:8. Notice the word "charger" at the end of the verse. Scroll down to the "Words Which have Changed in Meaning" section. Look down the list and find the word "charger". It gives the word "platter" which is the modern word for charger.
3 - The third example is a "Bible Lands Today" map. There are a total of 12 maps in the Rainbow Study Bible. All of which can be referenced to the Bible Lands Today map to see where biblical events and places correspond to modern cities and countries.

1.) Rainbow Bible Features Include:
- The world's only totally color-coded Holy Bible
- Free bookmarker with the complete color-code system
- In-depth introductions before every book; comprehensive
information about the book, its author, the historical context and the major themes represented in the book
- Bold Line® Edition to denote the spoken Words of God--Father, Son and Holy Spirit--with underlining
- 75 beautiful, colored, in-text maps for easy reference
- 365 color-coded Bible quotations for memorization and meditation
- Listing of 100 of the most popular Bible passages
- Daily Bible reading calendars
- Additional in-depth reference materials: center column cross references, Biblical weights and measures, charts, sectional headings and concordance
Not available in Large Print or Genuine Leather
(Size 10 Font is considered to be Large Print by most bible publishers)

2.) A Rainbow of Hope:
Featuring 777 inspirational quotes plus selected scriptures all in one beautifully illustrated book, the Rainbow color-coded study system makes finding true nuggets of wisdom as easy as recognizing colors. The book features quotes by such men as Will Rogers and Dwight D. Eisenhower, discussing war in the Silver/History chapter. Other examples include Abraham Lincoln and Dale Evans discussing prayer in the Orange/Faith chapter. These are just a few examples of the many interesting and famous people quoted in this extraordinary book.

3.) Basic Bible Library CD-Rom: a Bible Software program by Power Publishing (the publisher of the Subject bible) featuring:
- powerful search features
- several popular bibles
- bible commentaries
- Word Studies linked to Strong's Numbers
- Topical Studies
and many other Concordances and Bible reference books that are not present in the Rainbow Bible itself. This CD-rom recruits the power of your computer to further your bible study even more and makes a great addition to the Rainbow Bible. Now Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7!

4.) "The Greatest Cause" DVD: A video that outlines the history of the English Bible. It gives background information about many of the men responsible for translating the Bible into English, the struggles and hardships they faced, and how many of them even made the ultimate sacrifice—giving their lives as martyrs for Christ so that we could read the Bible in our own language. 

There are 2 main options for ordering.

The Package Option includes:
1. NIV Rainbow Study Bible
2. A Rainbow of Hope
3. Basic Bible Library CD-ROM Software
4. "The Greatest Cause" DVD Movie

Price: $129.99

The Bible-Only Option includes:
1. NIV Rainbow Study Bible
Price: $


Dale Evans Rogers, wife of Roy Rogers, "The Rainbow Study Bible is, indeed, a rainbow of hope in understanding the truths of God's Holy Scriptures. People everywhere, who thirst for clearer guidance in their Christian walk, will find the "Rainbow Study Bible" a beautiful answer to their search."

Zig Ziglar, national motivational speaker and author, "The rainbow Bible is a Bible whose time has come. For the baby Christian or the serious Bible student, here is a simple but scholarly approach to help uncover the riches of God's goodness in His Holy Word. The color concept is bold, innovative, and very effective."

Tom Landry, Former Coach of the Dallas Cowboys, "A really special Bible! There is just something about the colors in the Rainbow Study Bible which have a unique way of encouraging people to be saved (blue), build their faith (orange), or to honor their families (yellow). It is my sincere belief that the Rainbow Study Bible can be a real encouragement to everyone..."

Tim LaHaye, author of the Left Behind Series and others, "The colorcoded passages in the new RAINBOW STUDY BIBLE give a new creative sparkle to Bible reading and study. I have colorcoded my Bible for years. It's good to see someone has already done it for the reader."

Tim Clauss, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, "The Rainbow Study Bible makes reading and understanding God's word easier and more fun... an important consideration in these fastpaced times. Great for the mind and nourishment for the soul!"



Weight 5.00 lbs
ISBN 158170027X
Author Name Power Publishing Corp.
Pages 1612
Size 6-1/4 x 9-1/4
Market price: $450.00
Our price: $129.95
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