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 The Tim LaHaye Prophecy Bible Study Package (NKJV)
The Tim LaHaye Prophecy Bible Study Package (NKJV)
Tim LaHaye Prophecy Bible Package (NKJV) Tim LaHaye Prophecy Bible (NKJV) Tim LaHaye - Popular Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy Tim LaHaye - Charting the End Times Tim LaHaye Prophecy Bible (NKJV) - Inside Tim LaHaye Prophecy Bible (NKJV) - Inside Tim LaHaye Prophecy Bible (NKJV) - Inside Tim LaHaye Prophecy Bible (NKJV) - Inside

This exciting Prophecy Bible Study Package features an excellent compilation of Tim LaHaye's finest work. The package includes the NKJV LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible, The Popular Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy, and Charting the End Times. These 3 reference volumes will give you an excellent set of tools for studying Bible Prophecy, from undoubtedly the most noted author on the subject. This incredible study bible is NOT sold in Retail Stores, but is now available at Power Publishing, the publisher of the The Famous Subject Bible Study Package, The Rainbow Bible Study Package, The Tim LaHaye Prophecy Bible Study Package, and The Bible Library Software.

What's so unique about the Tim Lahaye Prophecy Bible?
(Read below to find out!)


Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible
Now, for the first time, one Bible gathers together a virtual library of expert wisdom and insight from over 48 of Christianity's leading experts on Bible prophecy, all under the direction of Dr. Tim LaHaye, co author of the "Left Behind" book series.

Considered the culmination of his life's work, Dr. LaHaye enlisted key contributors such as: John Ankerberg, Tony Evans, Edward Hindson, David Jeremiah, Zola Levitt, Erwin Lutzer, Josh McDowell, Adrian Rodgers, And dozens more.

Also Features:
- Full-color overview charts
- Center-column references
- Timelines of biblical events
- More than 70 articles related to Bible Prophecy
- Book introductions
- 83 charts and tables
- Bible concordance
- Textual notations on key passages related to Bible prophecy

The Popular Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy: Over 150 Topics from the World's Foremost Prophecy Experts
More than one–fourth of the Bible was prophetic in nature at the time it was written. And Christ’s second coming is mentioned more than 300 times in Scripture. Clearly, God wants us to understand the last days—and what better way to do so than with this trustworthy and easy–to–use encyclopedic guide to Bible prophecy, which provides...

- a comprehensive overview of prophecy–related terms
- helpful illustrations that provide graphic pictures and timetables of the end times
- informative surveys of all the major prophetic viewpoints
- concise explanations that answer tough questions about Bible prophecy

No library is complete without this popular–style resource with over 400 pages filled with thousands of facts about Christ’s return and the end times.

Charting the End Times: A Visual Guide to Understanding Bible Prophecy
Bestselling author Tim LaHaye and prophecy expert Thomas Ice teamed up to produce a visual resource unmatched by anything available in the Christian book marketplace! The result of decades of careful research and Bible study, the charts and well–written explanatory text provide a fascinating picture of the times ahead. Charting the End Times includes...

A foldout portraying God’s complete plan for the ages
More than 50 full–color charts and diagrams
Timelines of the end times
A comprehensive overview of the key elements of the last days
Clear answers to tough end–times questions

Providing a wealth of information, this book is certain to become a popular study tool for understanding God’s unfolding plan!

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